Our Film Industry. Time to Embrace the Future.

Hollywood is now all around us. Thanks to cheaper filmmaking technologies, The Pandemic, and new accessible film distributions, anyone with passion and the entrepreneur spirit can be part of the Global Film Industry. We don’t have to ask permission anymore to play with the Big Dogs.

THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY. This is the strategy of LVFilmIndustry.com. And our LOCALLY is the LEHIGH VALLEY.  It may feel strange to hear the words “Lehigh Valley Film Industry”.   The Lehigh Valley is not known for its Film Studios, Celebrities, the Highrolling Investors……    But for the last decade, a conspiracy has been brewing in the Lehigh Valley: from the urban streets of Allentown, the spirited Suburbia of Bethlehem, the Green fields of Emmaus and the bohemian distinct of Easton; passionate Visionaries have been planting the seeds of this conspiracy.

According the Wikki: 

“The Lehigh Valley is the third most populous Metropolitan Statistical Area in the state of Pennsylvania with a population of 841,914 residents as of the 2018 U.S. Census Estimate, a 2.5% increase from 821,173 residents in the 2010 U.S. Census.” 

By now, the population could be 1 Million Strong and growing fast.  If only 10% are interested in the film industry that would be 100,000 Artist, Musicians, Directors, Actors, Editors, Grips, AD, Sound Designer, CGI, Costumes, Producers, Screenwriters, Location Mangers, Financers, Theaters Owners, Film School Etc. That is an Army of Visionaries ready to take on the world and let them hear our unique Voices.

We have the foundation to become one of the most Powerful Film Communities  in Pennsylvania and the North East: Nestled between New York, Philly, Pittsburgh, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.  We have all the advantage of location with so much great talent surrounding us (New York, Philly, Pittsburgh and New Jersey) with the untapped talents from within the Lehigh Valley.    In the Lehigh Valley, we can film a scene I the Big City and a few miles out, in Amish Country, we can shoot a Period Piece.  The Lehigh Valley has all the locations needed to film, we are a Complete Film Studio with country, Urban, City, School, Malls, you name it.

Right now, the biggest segment of the Lehigh Valley Film Industry is Marketing and Events Filming. But in the Last few years, Major Studios have discovered our secret and have been filming Blockbusters in our home: Transformers, Glass, Etc.  Also the highend ($1 Million to $100 Budgets) indie Film producers are now coming down to take advantage of our amazing Communities.

But even before they came, we were creating and conspiring. We the local Visionaries, who always know how amazing the Lehigh Valley was. We the Committed, who choose to stay here and grow our craft.  And now, it’s time that we all come together.   And that’s the purpose of the LVFilmIndustry.com: It is the Lehigh Valleys film commission, our networking Hub, Career Posting Site, Water Cooler hangout, Town Square, War Room, Newspaper.  A one stop for all your Filmmaking needs. Find your next Talent and crew member. Get real-time Lehigh Valley Industry News. Network with other Filmmakers.

 I have had the honor of working and seeing our Industry grow. I have worked with most of the Filmmakers and been part of most of the Film Groups.   It is now my great honor to introduce to you, a free Service to all Passionate Lehigh Valley Filmmakers:  Your new home on the web: Let’s Make some Movies……

Moses Garcia – Founder and Head Steward of LVFilmIndustry.com.